Your NovAge Routine

Oriflame Content Creators Mission #1

We’re so happy you’re one of our Content Creators and we hope you’re as excited as we are! For your first assignment we want you to show us YOUR NovAge skin care routine.

You’ll receive your favourite NovAge set that you put in your application (minimum value £160), but that’s not all! You will also get some additional NovAge skin care products we hope you’ll love.

Please read the instructions under each tab carefully. 🔍

📸  1 Before image As this is your first assignment, we would like you to take some “before images” of your face without any makeup on. The reason we ask you to do this is to have good references for the future if we would do “before and after” references. Please see A Photography Guide for Social Media for some useful tips! As this is your first 

📹1 New video where you show your routine in portrait format (phone up-right). 

📹1 New video where you show your routine in landscape format (phone on the side). 

📸 3 New images with products in focus, i.e. flatlay, picture of your bathroom shelf, the products in a lifestyle setting etc.

📸 3 New images with you in focus interacting with the products, i.e. your face while applying products, you posing with the products, swatches on your hand etc.

Total: 2 videos, 7 images. 

Before you submit your content:
  • Name your files @instagram-handle_missionX_X (e.g. @oriflameukireland_mission1_1.jpg or
  • Make sure your images and videos are well lit, in focus and sharp.
  • Submit your content without any filters, presets or effects and in full size.
  • Please upload your content in the submission form by clicking the button below.👇

Once you’ve created your content, please submit them below. If necessary, we might come back to you with feedback to up your content creation game. 💪

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: 

Download A photography guide for social media – planning, composition and editing >> 

Make sure to open the ‘notes’ for more detailed information. 

When can I publish my content and when will my content be published in Oriflame’s channels?
We’re aiming to build a wonderful bank of community sourced content to be used long-term, why you might notice everything’s not published right awayNo need to worry, we’re simply choosing the right time and remember you’re free to publish your content right away! 

When you do, please tag @oriflameukireland and use the following hashtags:

We don’t want to limit you too much, hence the absence of very precise instructions, but we’d say as a general guideline for all content “the wider the usage, the better”.

Should I be speaking in the videos?
In general, no speaking makes editing easier and more user-friendly in other markets (where text can be added instead). However, this does not mean you can’t or shouldn’t let your beautiful personality shine through! ☀️ If you have things you’d like to say about your routine, maybe you can send along some notes for the steps?

Should I edit my videos before submitting?
It would be great if you send us the material unedited (this way we can more easily adapt it depending on the situation). You are however free to edit, speed up or cut any way you like when you publish the content on your account!

How long should the videos be?
Take whatever time you think is needed to show your skin care routine! But rest assured we’re not looking for an hour long production or anything, it’s a 2 minutes routine after all 😉

With us, it’s all about you. That’s why we want to remind you about some of these terms.

You confirm:

  • you will carry out content briefs sent to you and create content (images and/or videos) according to set guidelines, in exchange for free products    
  • you have created and own all rights in the Posts;
  • everyone appearing in the Posts have given their permission to be in the Post including permission that the Licensed Parties’ can use the Post according to the License Grant;
  • you are not a minor and nobody appearing in the Post is a minor;
  • the Post does not infringe anybody else’s intellectual property rights including when used by the Licensed Parties according to the License Grant;
  • the Post does not contain anybody’s personal information;
  • if the Post contains statements or testimonials it is your true and honest opinion 
  • the Post does not contain offensive, defamatory or illegal material;
  • the Licensed Parties have the right but no obligation to use your username (and real name, image, likeness, caption, location information or other identifying information, if given in the Post) in connection with the permitted use under the License Grant;
  • the Licensed Parties can change, edit, or decide not to use your Post;
  • you agree to release and hold harmless the Licensed Parties for all claims, demands, and liabilities made against them or incurred by them in connection with the permitted use of Posts under the License Grant;
  • you confirm you have read and understand Oriflame’s Privacy Policy which clarifies what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it

Last day to submit 16th November 2020